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All individual player photos, merchandise, and team posters with special effects will match your team's theme for the season, not the example product colors shown.

No theme for Mad River, just nice photos outside.

Lightning Basketball 2019 Team Photo Theme

Lightning Theme 2022

G2. 8x10 Sibling / Family / Buddy Photo

G2. 8x10 Sibling / Family / Buddy Photo


Multiple family members or friends in one 8x10 photo.  This will be a horizontal 8x10" photo.  


You must also purchase an individual photo or a package for each of these players otherwise the order will be invalidated.  

  • Return Policy

    All Meadowood Media photos and merchandise are 100% guaranteed.  


    You may return the photos and/or merchandise for a full refund within 1 week after delivery.  You may send returns to:


    Meadowood Media

    PO Box 584 

    Jeffersonville, VT 05464

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