Vermont Sports Videographer

Meadowood Media creates Vermont sports videos for teams, and college bound athletes looking for help making a professional highlight reel.

Team game highlight videos make great gifts, even for teenagers.  All the boring parts edited out or sped-up, and the action remains to be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Video sports highlight reel for college bound Vermont athletes.  


Let’s make an awesome recruitment video together incorporating game/race footage, practice skill shots, and a video interview or voiceover.  


Stand out from the crowd with multi-camera professional footage.

VT Recruitment Video Highlights


Create a memorable highlight reel mixtape of your team in action.


The bests plays all together in a quick video featuring all of the highlights.

A game highlight video makes the best gift for your favorite athlete.

Get the whole team to chip in and hire Meadowood Media to film your next Vermont game.

Fun Team Video